Learn how to make chocolates


Learn how to make Chocolates - The Fun Way!

Learning how to make chocolates is an easy and therapeutic process, don’t let the lack of knowledge mar your love to make chocolates. Step in to one of our classes, meet people with similar interest and learn how to make chocolates that are not only sinfully lip smacking but also leaves your guests asking for more, from the very basic step. If you wish to hone your skills and level up for an advance course, you can also feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you with the fine nuances of making chocolates. From chocolate sculpting to chocolate tempering, compound chocolates to pure couverture chocolates, we make teach you how to make chocolates and transform you into an expert. With the many students enrolling at different stage of chocolate making, you also benefit from exchanging your experiences with each other. Join our chocolate making classes in Mumbai and make choco goodies for your family; we will help you at each step of the way with tips, techniques and style to better your skill. Enroll now in one of our weekly batch or have a personalized class for yourself and begin your journey in this area of the culinary expertise!
Beginner Course


  • A Hands on classes on tempering of pure couverture chocolates.

  • B Understand the process while you with chocolates and compounds

  • CLearn 12-15 Recipes which include bars, lollipops, nutty chocolates, etc.

  • D Course Duration:
    Four Hours
    Price: INR 4,000

Intermediate Course


  • A Working with Ganaches and centre filling chocolates.

  • B Learning the art of making international truffles

  • CLearn 12-15 Globally influenced gourmet, open and health chocolates

  • D Course Duration:
    Six Hours
    Price: INR 5,500

Expertise Course


  • A For Entrepreneurs looking for mass production of chocolates.

  • B Learn to work with structure sheet, transfer sheet, shimmers & colors.

  • C Learn 12-15 types of artisan chocolates like LV bag & angry bird disc.

  • D Course Duration: Five Hours for two days
    Price: INR 10,000

Artisan Chocolates - New Course


  • A New techniques and methods of making different styles of ganaches.

  • B Making of international bonbons and hand dipped pralines

  • CThis course will cover 12-15 variants of chocolate styles and unique flavors.

  • D Course Duration:
    Five Hours
    Price: INR 5,500

Chocolate Sculpting - New Course


  • A Rules and Scales of Sculpting (theory). Use of Colors, shimmers & templates.

  • B Different techniques of working with chocolates for sculpting.

  • CLearn how to make two small artisan sculptures best for gifting purpose.

  • D Course Duration:
    Five Hours
    Price: INR 5,000

Health-o-Hearty - New Course


  • A Chocolates suitable for those having Special dietary requirement

  • B Chocolates for people suffering from diabetes, thyroid or heart problem

  • C Hands on classes on eleven varieties of health chocolates

  • D Course Duration: Five Hours
    Price: INR 5,500

Additional Benefits

In addition to any of these courses, students will be provided with:
  • Food Photography lessons
  • Procurement of Raw Materials
  • Certification of the Course at time of completion
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