More than 35 Bakery Courses

Welcome to Cocoa Cottage, where you will not just learn the art of baking exceptional cakes, creating fluffy n creamy mousses and cup cakes, but also master the art of innovatively decorating one to three tier cakes under expert guidance. Our extensive tutoring in baking helps you learn the tricks of the confectionery trade and how to make the ingredients work for your baking endeavor. At Cocoa Cottage, our master chef Ruhee ensures every student gets their unique learning space as they gradually step up from a beginner to an advanced level baker. Bursting popular myths about baking, teaching professional tricks and using different styles and techniques to intricately design cakes and other confectioneries will be taught depending on the course you wish to opt for. We welcome you to our Cocoa Cottage family and would love to assist you. So go ahead and select from our popular 35 bakery courses in Mumbai and we’ll guide you well to pursue your passion in baking!

Top Bakery Courses

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