Dessert Making Course


Dessert Making Course for Lip Smacking Sweet Goodies!

Tired of entertaining the guest with just the basic desserts? Other cake making classes in Mumbai, offer a very limited approach to dessert making? At Cocoa Cottage, we understand your concerns and welcome you to help you achieve the level of dessert making expertise by personalizing the Dessert making Course content to suit your level of culinary skills. Quench your thirst for the right kind of desserts, be it classic, contemporary, international or jar.

You can be someone who might have taken baking as a hobby & just learnt how to make chocolate cake from your cook book or be an excellent master cook. We have something for everyone to hone the dessert making skills at all levels. We can help those who wish to begin the baking experience with simpler dishes while ensuring that those with a higher level of culinary understanding benefits from the advanced classes professional dessert making.

So what are you waiting for! Enroll now to book your seat at the earliest and begin your journey in the world of Dessert Making!
Jar Desserts


  • A Learn how to make Chocolate & Vanilla base from scratch.

  • B Get complimentary jars to take enjoy your desserts back home

  • C4 varieties: Death by chocolate, Lemon curd, ferrero rocher & Tiramisu.

  • D Course Duration:
    5 Hours
    Price: INR 5,500

International Desserts


  • A Learning from making tarts to sorbet to Baklavas.

  • B Learn Mango-mint Sorbet, Blueberry Cheese Cake, Chocolate Tart & Baklava.

  • C Learn how to make 5 desserts from scratch which includes Fresh fruit tart.

  • D Course Duration:
    3 Hours
    Price: INR 3,500

Classical Desserts


  • A Learn different types of delicious desserts

  • B Students get to take their own made Sweet preparations back home.

  • C Mocha & Bavarian Chocolate Mousse, Panna Cotta, Pavlova & layered Magical Dessert

  • D Course Duration:
    3 Hours

    Price: INR 3,500

Contemporary Desserts


  • A Learn new techniques and methods of making different styles of desserts.

  • B Students will get hands on different types of yummy desserts.

  • C This course will cover 5 variants of contemporary desserts.

  • D Course Duration:
    4 Hours
    Price: INR 4,500

Cooked in Jar Dessert


  • A Learn the new art of cooking the desserts in a Jar.

  • B This form of dessert making is an exclusive Cocoa Cottage course.

  • CLearn how to make 5 different varieties of this type of dessert.

  • D Course Duration:

    5 Hours
    Price: INR 6,000

Healthy Desserts - New Course


  • A Desserts suitable for the health conscious students.

  • B Hands on sugar-free desserts that taste the same like a normal dessert.

  • C Hands on classes on five varieties of healthy Desserts.

  • D Course Duration:
    4 Hours
    Price: INR 5,500

Additional Benefits

In addition to any of these courses, students will be provided with:
  • Food Photography lessons
  • Procurement of Raw Materials
  • Certification of the Course at time of completion
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