Why Cocoa Cottage?


Cocoa Cottage - One of the Best Bakery Workshops in Mumbai

We at Cocoa Cottage make sure our students learn the best with the best of the facilities they would need to master the art of baking. In order to deliver the finest bakery class in Mumbai, we make sure not to leave any stone unturned in our teaching process. Our bakery classes begin with an Introduction to the course, highlighting a brief history about the bakery commodity. We then gear up to have a safe and clean session, following which we begin with our hands on bakery class. The courses are conducted under proper supervision of our bakery chef Ms. Ruhee who provides undivided and personalized attention to all her students.

What sets Cocoa Cottage apart from other bakery classes?

With proper guidance and best of the equipments used, the students themselves are able to create bakery commodity that match the standards of a fine-dining restaurant. Following the session we have a Q&A segment to answer our students questions that not only touch-base with the process of baking but also on the commercial aspects of the baked goods. Our class also includes a food photography session, where students get the chance to "Bake and Click" of their end item. Towards the end of our session we have the baked commodity neatly packed in our Cocoa Cottage jar or boxes and give out the certification of the course. So if you are planning to learn how to make a chocolate cake, or wish to learn delicious cupcakes, come join us at Cocoa Cottage and we assure you a fun-filled learning experience.
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