Cake Making Course


Bake A Cake The Professional Way!

We understand that every time you see a chef craft a scintillating cake, you wish you could bake a delight too! Fret no more as cake making is now made easy with this Cake Making Course, as Ruhee helps you with methods to bake a perfect cake using the fine ingredients preferred by the top pastry chefs themselves.

Students can tell us their preferred choice of cake whether it is egg or eggless and we’ll tailor their class according to their needs. The students will be individually given one sponge cake to work on at the beginning of every class. All the necessary tools and equipments will be shared that will aid them to master that perfect cake.

During the class we’ll have our on-going Q&A segments, wherein the students can ask from the basic questions on how to make an eggless cake to the tips and techniques required for making an advance level of multi-tier cakes, we assure you will be introduced to everything. Tips to make a soft moist cake or the right technique of baking that perfect egg and eggless cake you’ll be well acquainted with the entire process for the cake you wish to bake.

You can even master the art of decorating the cake using fondant, chocolate dough or whipping the cream with a perfect fluffiness, our cake making classes will help you to learn it all.Step in to the academy and learn from the best and you can never see baking as a dreaded chore! Enroll now to begin your journey in the world of Cake Baking!
Beginner Course


  • A Learn how to make egg & eggless vanilla & chocolate sponge cakes.

  • B Learn different piping & nozzle techniques along with chocolate decorations.

  • CLearn & make Fresh fruit, Pineapple, Dutch Truffle & Black forest gateau.

  • D Course Duration:
    1 Day
    Price: INR 5,000

Cake a Day! - Indulgent Cakes


  • A Learn hands-on pipping, nozzle & cost-cutting techniques.

  • B Beautify your cake with new & stylish chocolate decorations.

  • CLearn how to make German, Ferrero Rocher & Royal Opera Cake.

  • D Course Duration:
    1 Day
    Price: INR 4,500

Cake a Day! - Scrumptious Cakes


  • A Learn the art of working with gels,colors and shimmers with cakes

  • B Learn new & stylish chocolate decorations along with fruit cuts.

  • C Learn Seasonal Fruit Gel Cake, Red Velvet Cake and Baked Cheese Cake.

  • D Course Duration:
    1 day
    Price: INR 4,500

Cake a Day! - Wedding Cakes


  • A Hands on learning of elegant and designer fresh cream cakes

  • B Work with Color spray, shimmers & nozzles to make the cake elegant.

  • CLearn the art to make 2 wedding cakes with and without pillars.

  • D Course Duration:
    1 Day
    Price: INR 6,500

Cake a Day! - Elegant Cakes


  • A Learn how to work with spray guns, glaze, colors and shimmers

  • B Learn icing, cost-cutting techniques & making butterscotch from scratch.

  • CMake Butterscotch Crackle, Roasted Almond & Royal Chocolate Flower.

  • D Course Duration:
    1 Day
    Price: INR 5,500

Cake a Day! - Thematic Cakes


  • A Learn the art of making different themes and cuts of cakes.

  • B Learn nozzle & pipping techniques and work with color, shimmers and gels

  • C Learn three different themes which include jungle, photo & alphabet cake.

  • D Course Duration:
    1 Day
    Price: INR 5,000

Additional Benefits

In addition to any of these courses, students will be provided with:
  • Food Photography lessons
  • Procurement of Raw Materials
  • Certification of the Course at time of completion
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