Cupcake Classes in Mumbai


Make the perfect batch of Cupcakes

At Cocoa Cottage, you will not only learn to bake a yummy cupcake recipes, but also learn the art of making different flavored one and beautify it in ways that will give your cupcake an edge visually.

While the beginners will be taught the basics of baking perfectly light, fluffy or soft cupcakes, our advance cupcake classes in Mumbai will help you hone your skills in putting together beautifully flavoured and decorated cupcakes and more complex icings.

We at Cocoa Cottage understand your need and requirements to make that perfect desserts for your loved ones and conduct one of the best cupcake classes in Mumbai that will cater to your choice. Learn from the market leaders of Guilt free cupcakes served to health conscious audience that is offered only in a few bakery classes in India.

In addition to egg and eggless courses we are also launching organic and vegan cupcakes that you can look forward to. If you thought cupcake recipes are the only ones that are easy to learn and bake, you will be surprised at the list of flavours our master pastry chef, Ruhee will teach. Cocoa cottage is one of the few professional cupcake classes in Mumbai which ensures that everyone receives individual attention and understands the art of baking to the fullest.

So next time you plan to meet your girl pals, why not invite them home for a hi-tea event where you can floor them with your new baked art that you have learnt at one of the best cupcake classes in Mumbai. What are you waiting for? Book your seat at the earliest and begin your journey in the world of Cupcake Making!
Beginner Course


  • A Learn three kinds of batter, both egg and eggless.

  • B Learn & understand different frosting, basic nozzle and pipping styles.

  • CLearn how to decorate cupcakes and mini-cupcakes as well.

  • D Course Duration:
    3.5 Hours
    Price: INR 3,500

Intermediate Course


  • A Learn the art of making stiletto & center filled cupcakes

  • B Learning pipping and nozzle techniques that will beautify your cupcakes.

  • CLearn 8 styles of cupcakes which include Tiramisu, Ferrero Rocher, etc.

  • D Course Duration:
    4 Hours
    Price: INR 5,000

Cupcakes with a Twist - New Course


  • A Learn how to make cupcakes with fancy designs.

  • B Learn the art of complex piping, nozzle work and creating designs in batter.

  • C Learn designer cupcakes & interesting frosting eg. Creme Brulee, Banoffee, etc.

  • D Course Duration:
    5 Hours
    Price: INR 5,000

Guilt Free cupcakes - New Course


  • A Learn how to make high protein & sugar-free cupcakes.

  • B Understand and learn fat-free variations of frosting and ganaches.

  • CWe'll cover 4 variants of batter which include Nachni, Whole Wheat, etc.

  • D Course Duration:
    5 Hours
    Price: INR 5,500

Additional Benefits

In addition to any of these courses, students will be provided with:
  • Food Photography lessons
  • Procurement of Raw Materials
  • Certification of the Course at time of completion
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